First Impressions: Food

I did some research before coming to Prague and was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of cuisines, including a variety of vegetarian and whole great food options. The evening of my first day here, I ventured into a restaurant in Dejvicka and had delicious crab risotto. In my first two full days here, I stumbled upon two vegan restaurants. The first one was all tofu (which I’m trying to limit); the second one had more variety, including whole grain baked goods.

I will resume cooking again soon, but for now, I’m enjoying the great restaurants. I’ve had excellent Mexican at La Cantina, creative vegetarian at Maitrea, wonderful Italian at Grosetto, fresh and tasty waldolf salad at Cafe Louvre, and sumptuous chocolate lava cakes on several occasions. I am keeping a list of places that I’d like to try and places that I’d like to revisit.

For those days when I do cook at home, there are two Vietnamese fruit and vegetable stands less than a block from me, and there are weekly farmers’ markets around the city (in certain seasons). The raspberries and blueberries are delicious at the moment with a balance of sweet and tart. I’ve added them to my daily breakfast routine for this season.


Meal from Country Life


All items contain tofu


First Impression: The Bus Driver I’d like to Forget

So I don’t cry very often, and never in public. I guess I shouldn’t say never because there is something about transportation systems that reduces me to tears. I still have nightmares about crying in frustration and exhaustion at Charles de Gaulle airport. Now I can add the frustration of abuse from a Czech bus driver.

OpenCard and 90 minutes ticket

It took me two weeks to get my bus pass in Prague (OpenCard) and in the meantime, I bought 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes and full day passes. You authenticate the pass on the transit at the arrow and it is seldom checked by a patrol.

One day I bought a day pass and authenticated it on the bus. However, the machine printed in the wrong illegible place so I printed it again at the arrow. I wondered in passing if that would pose a problem but decided to not worry about it.
There is one bus to work that goes outside the city limits, so the bus driver checks all passenger tickets. When he saw mine, he ripped it up after first ripping into ME in Czech. Even though I understood his point and had no problem paying 24 crowns (~$1.20), I felt like a worm the whole ride. Am I ever happy to have finally received the OpenCard!