Building a Workout Routine (again)

Slowed Down by an Injury

It’s almost a year since I fell in the snow while running to catch a tram, and pinched a nerve. Since then, it’s been a long, slow process to full recovery. I finally feel like I have a good range of motion in my right shoulder, after months of limited mobility and occasional pain. Finally, I’m ready to start a workout routine again.

Before my injury, I had was doing Crossfit and making great progress. I was finally able to do double unders in a WOD after months of regular practice. My workout routine was a habit and I enjoyed it. I have not felt ready to go back to Crossfit since my injury. My most regular exercise has been zumba, along with some lower body workouts and walking (when the weather is above 0). I went to one pilates class and my physiotherapists recommends pilates but I find it so boring. This probably means I could benefit from the change in pace. I’ve gained weight and am keen to start regular workouts again. I found that I had most success sticking to my workout routines when I went to the gym with friends.

Working Out More

I’ve done monthly tests to see how my right arm reacts to exercise using the shoulder/arm. In every trial, I experienced shooting pains in my shoulder, a stiff neck and/or shoulder pain. In December, while spending time with family, I did a few modified push ups during a workout with my sister and had a stiff neck and occasional pain in my arm for a few days. Then during the first week of January, I tried some burpees with another sister, and did not have any of the usual negative feedback!

workout done for the day

This week, I did an upper body workout using very light weights (1.5kg) to see if there would be any pain and there wasn’t! I also did a few sets of 10 double unders in a row (finding a place in my apartment to jump and not bother neighbors is a challenge). For the next few weeks, I will gradually increase the weights and try different exercises to see what feels okay. I’ve felt some soreness from my workouts but no pain. I started following a program for my workout routine on Monday using T25. I find 25 minutes to be a great time frame to avoid boredom. I’m also going to check in with my physiotherapist because the last thing I want is to injure myself again! Next step will be to venture outside of my home for workouts besides Zumba! I hope to return to Crossfit but right now, I’m rather intimidated by the thought of a barbell! My goal is end of March (since I’m doing the Baha’i fast most of March and don’t want to start and then take a break for that).