Year One Book Review – by Nora Roberts

In Year One, we meet the main characters and see how the Doom ravages the earth. I found the writing a bit heavy-handed in the beginning. Lots of explicit foreshadowing of death. I kept waiting for the story to start, for something to happen. Once it did, I wasn’t disappointed.

Year One is the first book of the Chronicles of the One trilogy by Nora Roberts. It is a story of an epidemic, The Doom, that spreads throughout the world, quickly spreading and killing many. Some people are immune, and some people develop magickal abilities from The Doom. Not only are the people affected but the whole structure of society falls down as leaders die, technology and science recede as those systems cannot be maintained, and looting and vandalism add to the chaos. Magick also heightens with many people developing their abilities, called the Uncanny. And just as there are good and evil people, the same is true of the Uncanny.

We meet several characters who head west, in hopes of creating a new life. What will the new world be like? Will the Uncanny and the normals learn to live amicably with each other to create a new world? Who will save the world from the evil forces that rise up along with the good?

A flame is kindled that I expect to shed light into the world in the second book, Of Blood and Bone. I’m looking forwarding to picking it up to see what happens next. As one world ends, a new world is beginning…