Happiness – 3 Tips to Gladden the Mind

On a recent episode, Tara Brach talked about rewiring the brain for happiness and freedom. She said:

The trick with practicing, the trick with rewiring, and this is a bit of what neuroscience has discovered in the not distance part is that if you want to install a new habit, if you wanna have a state become a trait, to install it you have to invoke a positive experience and then sustain it in awareness for 15-30 seconds. What usually happens? We look up at the sky or the full moon, we go “Wow, that’s really cool’ and we get this kind of like, you know, feeling like we’re part of the universe for a moment and then our mind flicks on to what we need to get done next and we look on our iPhone and that’s it.

In summary, she shared 3 tips on how to gladden the mind

  • practice gratitude, on purpose gratitude
  • serve and perform acts of kindness for others
  • savour moments and experiences

How do you do this in your own life?