Lost in Translation – Fyzio Edition

fyzio logoLast week, an orthopaedic doctor suggested that it would take 6 months – 1 year for my shoulder to heal completely! What!?! In any case, I started physio last week with a Crossfit certified therapist who specializes in ART. I was fed up with waiting for the insurance to find an appointment for me with someone that speaks English from their list. They finally found me a place 1 transfer and 35 minutes away (far for Prague). Yesterday, I had my first appointment there, at 8:00 a.m.

I left home at 7:15 a.m. figuring that this gave me enough time to find my way. When I got to the address, I realized that it was a huge building and I didn’t have any information beside the doctor’s name and address. It had taken longer than Google Maps estimated to get there and I had 5 minutes to my appointment. The receptionist gave me directions in English to go to the 6th floor of the green building. This is where the craziness started.

So off I rush following the instructions from the receptionist, in a hurry to arrive by 8:00 a.m. I see a sign for rehabilitation but I don’t understand where it’s indicating and I don’t see physiotherapy listed on the building’s directory. Once inside the building, I go up to the 6th floor anway. I walk up and down the corridor, making no progress. BTW, the building is painted white, not green so I decide that I’m in the wrong place. Off I go again roaming around, looking for a green building. I ask a few people and am met with confused looks. There is a green building in the distance and I head towards it, only to then realize that it’s not part of the rehabilitation complex. I try one more time to ask a nurse who’s outside having a smoke. She answers in Czech. That’s when it clicks that I’m not looking for a green-painted building but rather one named Zelena Something, zelena being the Czech word for green! The woman also tells me the building number. I rush off to find it, only to head back to the first building where I’d gone to the 6th floor. 😎

I call the doctor’s office again (I’d called once before) to find out their location. That’s when they tell me that they are in the basement (-1) and not 6! I rush to the office, now 10 minutes late. The reception has a number dispensing system. I grab a number but soon realize that only one of the receptionists speaks English. She calls me over once she is free. As I sit down, I realize that I forgot my wallet at home…

… to be continued…


Featured image source: Nerves of the upper left extremity, Public Domain