#OneWord365 – Perspective

Since I graduated university, and got my first job, I’ve never been without a job. Being a teacher, I get a number of scheduled holidays throughout the school year, but I’ve never been jobless.  I had the good fortune to find an international teaching job even when there were no full time teaching jobs in Ottawa, and have always found a new job before giving my notice about leaving a job. Perhaps my driving words have been safety, independence, security. Whatever else I may have told myself for the decisions that I made about why I was making them, I now realize that independence and security have been my driving forces.

This year, I’ve deliberately chosen perspective as my word for the year. I could have chosen the words space, or curiosity, or change as my words, because they were the words that drove my decision to not renew my contact for the next school year, and to not actively search for another job in my field right now. However, I choose perspective because I believe that it is an important word to guide me throughout the year. I’m sold on the idea that perspective affects every experience of our life. When I feel the pressure to settle for a job just because it’s available while I am, I will rely on my perspective to help me turn it down. For me, this is a year of risk-taking, growth, exploration, choice, and space. Perspective has a heavy job to help me remember that, while choosing to maintain joy in my life.


I was inspired to write this post by the #OneWord365 movement. Want to join the movement? Choose a word to guide your year and register it on their site.