Queen and Country

I had a few hours on Friday morning before my bus trip to Dublin. I decided to visit Queens University and the Botanic Gardens, both walking distance from my Camera Guest House. I first dropped off my laundry; I opted for drop off service since it was only 2 euros more and would save me time. I then went for a walk through the Botanic Gardens. The Palm House was closed but I enjoyed walking through and looking at the plants and flowers. I enjoyed smelling the fresh cut grass and the rain as it was drizzling most of the morning. The rose garden had a wide variety of shades and colors of roses. The roses weren’t very fragrant but there are some other very fragrant flowers in the gardens. Although I was there before the tropical ravine was officially open, one of the people working there was inside and I he made no argument when I walked through the unlocked door. It was hot and humid in there as you can imagine.

My next stop was Queen’s University where I went to check out the Canada Room and the Visitors Center. There is a larger than life Pio Fendi sculture of Galileo in the black and white checked hall in the Lanyon building. I was curious about the Canada room. It was explained to me that it is so named because Canada assisted with its renovation and there is a close partnership between the university and universities in Canada.

I still had a few more hours. I walked down Shaftesbury Square. I thought of going to Ormeau Baths but it started to rain so I dropped into the Europa Drop Center to get my ticket and hang around reading my book and enjoying a smoothie. I had enough time to pick up my laundry and have a quick lunch (bad Chinese buffet) before heading to the bus station to take the train to Dublin.

Irish Pasture from Bus from Belfast to Dublin