It’s Okay to Laugh Book Review

book cover for it's okay to laugh by Nora McInerny Purmort

Third time’s the charm. I just finished reading It’s Okay to Laugh by Nora McInerny Purmort. A friend recommended this memoir months ago, and I’ve checked it out of the library twice before. But each time, it became available along with several other books on my wait list. Although this happened again this time, I prioritized reading the book, and am happy I did so, as I enjoyed reading it.

It may be odd to say that I enjoyed reading a book about death. However, Nora is a comedian and writes in a way that makes fun of herself, and the circumstance she faces. As she writes about the death of her husband and father, who died within a month of each other, we learn more about her life. It’s hard to miss the deep love and affection between her Aaron, and within her family.

Here are a few quotes that resonated with me:

I spent a lot of time looking up from my life and craning my neck around to get a glimpse at everyone else’s paper: How were they adulting, and were they doing it better than me?

Chapter 6: Where is My Syllabus

I am creating my own path through my own grief, toward my own version of happiness.

… happiness isn’t something that is handed to you, but something you have a hand in making, every day. It is harder than just getting up and grinding beans and brewing coffee, bit it is just as ritualistic.

Chapter 7: iPhone Therapy

You may be the person who says the wrong thing, but that’s better than being the one who says nothing at all.

Chapter 40: Is He Going to Die Soon

This is just a sample of the great advice in this book. And at the risk of sounding morbid, we can learn it without without having to lose someone we love.

I highly recommend this body. Grieving is not the same for everyone, and none of us can know how someone else is feeling. But somehow, it helps to read how other people navigate through grief. And it’s always a good reminder that we can love each other, and be kind to each other. And we can choose happiness every day.

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  1. Looks like a great one. I also find that not only does everyone grieve differently, we, ourselves, grieve differently as time passes. There is no set answer of what to do even if a person has been comforted before. “You may be the person who says the wrong thing, but that’s better than being the one who says nothing at all.” I hadn’t really thought of that. Seems really helpful.

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