Book Review – Today will be different by Maria Semple

Book cover of Today will be Different by Maria Semple with link to purchase it on AmazonAs Emily and I were leaving the apartment for foot massages on a recent trip to Bangkok, I realized that I didn’t have a book to read! Today will be Different by Maria Semple was on my easy, fun reads list AND it was available for checkout in Overdrive from my library. I’d enjoyed Where did you go Bernadette and expected to like this book as well.

In this book, we meet Eleanor, a likeable, neurotic character. Eleanor and her husband, Joe live in Seattle with their 8-year old Timby. We journey with Eleanor during the course of a couple of days and get to experience her life with her poetry teacher, her annoying (to her) friends, her family and other acquaintances. Through flashbacks, we learn about her past and what happened to break the relationship between her and her sister.

Today will be Different is laugh out loud funny in parts. Eleanor comes across as a real person, and I can certainly see reflections of myself in her. Have you ever found yourself acting in opposition to your best intention? If so, you will have some empathy for Eleanor and maybe even for yourself.

Read this book if you’re looking for an easy, fun read. However, don’t expect a tidy, tied up in a bow ending.

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