Out and About without a Wallet

No Wallet!

After three weeks of trying to set up an appointment for physiotherapy that is approved by my insurance, I finally had an appointment scheduled on Monday. When I got to reception and sat down, I reached into my purse to pull out my wallet. I did not have my wallet with me. What was I going to do?

It was my first time visiting that office, and I had been warned to bring my health insurance card with me. Of course, the card was safely tucked away in my wallet at home. I really had no idea how this would go. Based on my previous experiences, people in offices are often sticklers for rules, so I thought there was a good chance that my appointment would be rescheduled.

Canadian passport

I had my passport with me and the insurance company had contacted them with information about me. The receptionist seemed unsure for a while, and discussed the issue with her colleagues. There was a lot of shrugging. I was pleasantly surprised when she sent me on to see the doctor. One hurdle cleared!

Another Doctor’s Examination

The doctor was justifiably unhappy with me as I was 15 mins late. He said that perhaps I should come back since he had another appointment in 15 minutes. I suggested that he could at least take my history and he agreed. He did a short examination and confirmed that I need physiotherapy (consistent with my other two doctor visits) and printed me a medical report. Then he told me to go to reception so that they could make copies of my previous medical reports. 

Physiotherapy Appointments

The receptionist asked me for my preferences in making my physiotherapy appointments. Since I’m not working full time right now, I can be flexible. She made me 6 appointments and then mentioned that I needed to pay 200 crowns. I had absolutely no cash, but I found a Canadian credit card in a pocket of my purse (for some strange reason). There was an ATM machine nearby where I could withdraw 500 crowns. I went back to the rehabilitation office, paid my fee and headed home.  A successful trip out, Thankfully, I was not caught and charged for not having my transporation pass with me!