Rainy, Relaxing Days in Nagoya

I loved visiting Nagoya. It felt familiar, like an old friend. And it was great to meet with friends, and revisit some of my former favorite haunts.

Near my friend’s apartment, there was an old shopping “mall” called Oz Mall. I’ve never seen Wizard of Oz (which Jane and Emily consider a travesty) but I feel I got the gist from the displays on this street.

Wizard of Oz display, Oz Mall, Nagoya

I did little sightseeing in Nagoya as I lived there for four years and visited the sights of interest to me in that time, plus it was the rainy season and rained every day of my trip. 

It was a lovely trip, thanks to a gracious host, and wonderful friends that I got to hang out with. 

I will embed the photos when I am back on my laptop, but in the meantime, they are available in Google photos.



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