2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. arlen says

    Well, finally. I have been hunting for someone who has firsthand knowledge of the international school scene in Khartoum for quite some time now. I was in Khartoum all Summer (losing my mind) in a Khartoum very different from the one people blog about. I could not find an English speaker from an English speaking country for anything. Now I am back in the US and here you are. Would you mind communicating with me about life in your part of Khartoum and life in your type of employment. (But I see that you stopped blogging. Are you still there?)

  2. MSudi Adam says

    Dear Damianna, your blog is very interesting. I’m a teacher in the US, and i liked your idea of inviting the top sudanese athletes Kaki, and ismail to your classroom. I’m formal athletic manager, and a great friend of their coach, Jama Aden. I’ve been collecting these runners photos, and I’m asking your permission to copy your photo of Ismail ahmed ismail in your log.

    I’m hoping you’re out of sudan as you stated in your log. Please feel free to contact me at this address: herergaysa@yahoo.com

    Thank you,