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Try Something New – Tuesday Tracks

Graveyard where I had Sudanese mint tea for the first time.

I talked at open house a few weeks ago about the importance of balance to me. I think that being balanced necessitates putting away your electronic devices sometimes. I do this weekly by taking time to cook and share dinner with friends. One of my favourite websites for cooking recipes is I recently decided to cook some Middle Eastern food in memory of my time in Sudan, and found a highly rated falafel recipe at I followed the advice in the comments and baked the falafels instead of frying them. I don’t usually stock mayonnaise so I left it out of the sauce. I made my own breadcrumbs in my food processor from some brown bread that I’d frozen some time back and used less parsley than the recipe asked for (because parsley is expensive here!) but the falafels were successful. As a fun fact, the local name for falafel in Sudan is taamia. My challenge to you this week is to use social media or the web to be inspired to try something new.