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The Golden Rule – Take Opportunities to Help Others

Are you aware of the people around you who are struggling, who need a little help?

When someone’s struggle snags your consciousness, how do you respond?

  • A blind woman waits to cross the street. Do you offer assistance?
  • An old man struggles to lift a load? Do you stop to help?
  • A woman struggles to manage two young children and a carry-on while getting off a plane. Do you hurry past, or offer assistance?
  • A neighbor’s car is stuck in the driveway and she’s struggling to get if out. Do you make time to help?
  • A student doesn’t understand what you’re trying to teach. Do you patiently explain again?
  • A colleague is struggling with a class. Do you provide a listening ear?
  • Staff morale is down. Do you model a positive attitude?
  • Do you assume goodwill?
  • Do you volunteer for committees and tasks that could use your strengths?

What does it mean to be a good citizen, a good employee, a good colleague? A good family member? Are you good enough or are you aiming for great?

Self Reflection

If I have a problem with a colleague, I talk it out and try to find common ground so that we can work well together.

I try to remember that teaching and schools have students as the client and learning as the product and work with that in mind.

I try to remember how I’ve grown and gotten better over time, and that I didn’t do it all by myself.

My way is not the only way and although it may work for me, it may not work for others.

There may be a better way than my way that I will never discover without an open mind, interaction with my PLN and self reflection.

I have a responsibility to talk to colleagues, staff, admin and parents to create a school that meets our mission, a mission that I believe in.

I have a responsibility to develop my talents and share then.

Do onto others as you would like then to do onto you.

I can only change myself. When things go wrong, it’s partially my fault and I need to reflect on how u can change my actions and approaches for a different result.

If one thing doesn’t work, it may be necessary to try something different.

The golden rule is present in different forms in many religions and cultures.

The Golden Rule Poster

The Golden Rule Poster

If you believe in the value of the Golden Rule, are you following it as you live your life?

(This e-mail was inspired by conversations with colleagues in PLN on how we deal with challenges and disagreements within our communities.)