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Teaching about Branding and Identity

I’m trying to pull this unit together but have been having problems with it. Feedback and suggestions would be most welcomed and appreciated.

  1. What a very neat project! My husband gives me an inside look behind branding in the advertising world, he is a graphic artist that works on campaigns for proctor and Gamble. I find it fascinating the way that they look at branding and advertising. They know their customers! One thing my hubby does is stand and people watch in a store to watch how people decide to pick up one brand over another. You will see some people shuffle through their coupons, others who go directly to the product, some who consider price, some who will read labels, and some who listen to recommendation of a friend or family member they are shopping with. Maybe as part of the project you have the students get to know their customer by observing other things they are doing online. You may also start with them viewing other branding and discussing why it is successful or how it failed.
    I can't remember where I saw it but somewhere there is a video that a senior produced for Harvard. On paper he looked very much like everyone else but the video made him stand out. There is another example (again I'm sorry I don't have a link) of a really creative essay. You could also have them read stories of people who buy Google ads so that when a CEO googles themselves, they saw this persons resume.
    I would also give them time to brainstorm together, in the advertising world it doesn't matter how outlandish the ideas are because they inevitably can use some part of it.
    Good luck with the project! I'll see if I can get some ad guys to weigh in for you!

    • Thanks so much, Kelly. I did have a discussion about branding with the class last Thursday. It was a great discussion that we used for creating a mind map to post in the classroom. I'm really excited about this unit and if Thursday discussion is any indication, so are the students.

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