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Take Control of Your Privacy

Do you ever feel a bit freaked out about what the Internet knows about you? Do advertisements ever seem to be too well targeted to you? Do you want to take control of  your privacy? Join a week of challenges as part of the Privacy Paradox.

Listen to the introductory show about the privacy paradox.

One of my favorite podcasts is Note to Self. I subscribed to it a few months back, and have listened to every episode since then, as well as some of the earlier episodes. In the most recent episodes, I learned about the Privacy Paradox. You can listen to the podcast to learn about it here. And if you’re interested, you can sign up, or just keep track of the pages where the information will be uploaded, and access them later without signing up.

The challenge begins February 6. You still have time to sign up, and join others taking the journey.

“In the five-day interactive project, we’ll help you understand where your personal information goes online, weigh the trade-offs and then make more thoughtful digital decisions. Tackling digital privacy can feel overwhelming. So let’s do it together.” – Manoush Zomorodi