Developing Research Skills


Puzzled by andy.brandon50

Do you ever give research projects in your class?
Do you use Google for research?

It is important that we (educators) model good research skills and teach students key research skills, including:

  • creating good queries
  • boolean search
  • complex searches
  • search tools
  • advanced search
  • copyright and usage rights
  • evaluation of information
  • triangulation (multiple sources)
  • creative commons

Please visit for a self-paced course from Google. Even if you don’t want to do the course, there are a number of videos that may be helpful for you or for your students. I’m currently taking an Advanced Google course and although I consider myself advanced in searching with Google, I’m learning lots through the course.

Short excerpt: If you do nothing else, look through the quick reference guide, post it in your class, share it with students –