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Middle School Technology Syllabus – Units

I’m working on my syllabus at the moment but this is a skeleton of what I’m thinking about my middle school and grade 9 courses.

Who Am I?

This is a two week mini unit in all classes to get to know the students. In week 1, the first week of school, students will use any media of their choice to share their interest, accomplishments and dreams. In the final week of school, students will revise/recreate a product to show how they have evolved over the period of the course.

Take a Trip with Me (Grade 6)

My World, My Responsibility (Grade 7)

I’m in Control (Grade 8)

Branding (Grade 9)

Web Design (Grade 9)

Components of all classes

  • Classroom wiki (teacher directed)
  • Student blogs
  • Classroom wiki (student pages – as needed)
  • Student diigo accounts
  • Student aviary accounts
  • Student email accounts

Lesson Planning Model Format (based on MYP Technology)

  • investigate
  • design
  • plan
  • create
  • evaluate.

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