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Google Apps Exploration


Google apps has a host of features that can be used for communication and collaboration. Today, we will explore some of these features and consider their uses in our classrooms.

What is Google Docs?


Task 1

Create a word processing document in Google doc, share it with someone else in the workshop and work on it with him/her. Can you both edit at the same time? How can you structure your collaborate to reduce the risk of accidental overwriting/incorrect text ordering?

See how other teachers and students use Google Docs

Google Calendar

Exploring the Google Calendar Interface

Creating a New Calendar in Google Calendar

Google Tasks

Task 2

  1. Create a calendar of assessments for one of your classes.

  2. Create a shopping list using tasks.

  3. How can Tasks help you with your organization at home? work?

Google Forms

Task 3

Google Form Assignment

  1. Use Google Form to create a survey that asks at least 3 questions (of different types e.g. short answer, multiple choice, paragraph.)
  2. Share your survey with the participants in this workshop.
  3. Post the title and link to your survey / Google Form on this shared Google Spreadsheet
  4. Take a colleague’s survey.
  5. At the end of the session, create a wiki page with the results of your survey.

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  1. I think google docs is very powerful tool. I have used it with grade 7 class this year. I asked them to compare the spread sheet in google doc with MS Excel. it was very interesting experience.

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