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Foster Wonder and Curiosity with DKfindout

DKfindout! is a great website for children that works on smart phones, tablets and (other) computers. It can be used at home or at school for children (and adults) “to see, learn, and explore almost everything” (homepage). The content is from DK, with support for parents and teachers. If you are a parent, take a look around the site to see how you can use it for supporting wonder and curiosity in your child(ren).

Topics on DKfindout

Topics on DKfindout!

For teachers, DKfindout! provides catalogued resources, in the form of curriculum-linked resources, by subject or topic. Users can also find out about braille, festivals and holidays, special events around the world, and politicians in More Find Out. The site is currently celebrating Women’s History Month during the month of March.


Teachers can make an account and create lesson plans, collecting and organizing the material that they want to share with students. Go to DKfindout! and check out the resources available there. If you use it in your classroom, I’d love to hear how in the comments.

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