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Critical Thinking

Presenter: Betsy Aoki, David McGavock, Howard Reingold

  • Bing background is an image map with links to a variety of links (default focus is water)
  • instant answers from Bing share the source on the bottom
  • Bing results let you preview items before clicking on the link for further exploration
  • allows you to get results from the social web
  • has a variety of apps such as hotel finder, photosynth and today’s front page news
  • students must figure out the source of the material that they are reading to determine authority etc.
  • wikipedia is the best place to start but worst place to stop when doing research
  • wikipedia reveals the process used for creating the page
  • have students justify reason for using a source so that they explicitly practice critical thinking in selecting sources

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  1. It has been a lot of fun reading everyone’s notes and posts from ISTE10. It makes me feel like I got to attend sessions that I missed. Wasn’t it hard to choose which to attend?! Thank you for the great notes and links to the conversation and wiki!

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