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Creating and Maximizing Learning Networks

IT Strand Focus with Steve Dembo (@teach42)

  • Where do  you go when google fails you?
  • participation in social practice is a fundamental form of learning
  • I don’t know everything but I’m connected to  a lot of smart people that seem to know everything
  • Google social – you can connect your social networking tools to your google account; it also allows you to filter results by people that you are connected to (social option under more)
  • We’re at this stage of hyperconnectedness in 2010; 2000’s was social web; 1990’s was e-mail generation, 1980’s were pre-internet
  • Who’s on your research Team? from @shareski
  • Stages of personal learning network by @jutecht –
  • ambient relationship – relationship develops from all those light touches over time
  • How social does social networking need to be? What if you’re just an observer? What if you’re an occasional user?
  • Remember to prune your networks – follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow – keep your network dynamic (paraphrased)

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