Edtech Consulting


Damianne President has worked as an Edtech leader for 15 years. She has worked at international schools in India, Sudan, Japan, and Czech Republic. In each position, she has provided learning opportunities for teachers, students and staff. She has also managed technology planning and budgeting, and led technology teams and departments. Her strengths of observation, curiosity, research and analysis make her a perfect partner to work with you in reaching your goals for technology integration.

Consulting for Schools

Damianne has worked primarily in the Apple environment for the past four years, but has remained involved with both Chrome and Windows computers. She is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and a Tynker Blue Ribbon Educator. Damianne believes in the power of technology to transform learning. She is available to work with your school to plan technology adoption and integration. She can help you plan your professional development offerings, prepare a menu of tools for you to consider, present research-based solutions, and work with teachers and curriculum developers to design units and lessons that combine content, pedagogy and technology for optimal learning in the twenty-first century. Contact Damianne if you would like to build a relationship with her to improve the use of technology in your school.

Consulting for Teachers

Damianne enjoys working with teachers to achieve their goals. She’s studied coaching and continues to build her understanding of coaching and teaching adults. Set up a meeting with her to learn how you can more effectively manage your classes with technology, as well as how to effectively integrate technology into lessons and units. Contact Damianne if you would like to consult with her on a short term or long term basis.

Consulting for Edtech Developers

There are a variety of Edtech tools out for use in schools, of a range of quality and usefulness. Damianne has experience testing software for use by teachers and students. She can help you evaluate your product for its use with teachers and students, collect feedback from teachers, and create sample lessons and resources for your product. For more information and to get Damianne’s services, contact her.