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Cognitive Coaching: Coaching Tools

This post is part of a larger series based on the book Coaching Approaches & Perspectives edited by Jim Knight. This post is based on sections of Chapter 4: Cognitive Coaching. Visit the Coaching category for other related posts.

It is very important for coaches to build rapport with people that they work with. This will help create the environment the partnership necessary for Cognitive Coaching. Rapport is important for coaches to be able to properly apply the response behaviors necessary for challenge and support which inspires transformational learning.

response behaviors in Cognitive Coaching

response behaviors in Cognitive Coaching

The four behaviours given here are useful in working with students, and as educators, we generally consider them useful for our students’ growth and development. It stands to reason that they are also important for when coaching teachers. These responses seem like a useful reminder to me of the types of conversations I should be having with colleagues in coaching. This lends itself to creating some templates to refer to/use when working with teachers.