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Cloud Storage using Shared Devices

There are many different tools that you can use for digital storage on shared devices. I’ve been reading about Seesaw, a digital portfolio tool, various blogging platforms among other options, Box, etc. At ISP, we subscribe to a paid Dropbox account that is shared between Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes using shared iPads. A free account only gets you 2GB free, but you can gain more space through referrals and other invitations on the Dropbox website.

There are different options of how to set up your Dropbox. First, you have to decide if you’d like students to have individual folders for their work, or if you’d like students to store work by subject.

Whichever option you choose, students will invariable save something in the wrong place at some point. They may also move folders accidentally. For that reason, I suggest following a naming convention for example:

  • Every file or folder name begins with the class e.g. 4R or Room206 (even though my images do not show this).

This way, if something gets moved accidentally, it can be identified by anyone who finds it.

It doesn’t matter what tool you use for students to save their work, but it may save you some stress if you think about how you want to set up any shared spaces, and how students should name files for ease of identification, as well as searching.