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21 Things about 21 Things


Have teachers to:

  • Experiment and learn about web2.0 tech with online activities of a manageable size
  • build a PLN
  • use the tools in the classroom
  • reflect on use


  • meet needs of variety of users
  • high quality and cost effective
  • self-paced and flexible
  • backwards planning
  • modules/chunks
  • include free tools and subscription tools
  • track progress
  • get support from all segments esp. administrator
  • generate interest
  • provide tiered support
  • provide classroom support
  • give time
  • consider timeline for rollout to be most effective


I missed the rest of the presentation because I started exploring some tools. The list seems like mostly common sense items but as we all know, common sense isn’t always commons so the presentation is a useful reminder of considerations when planning and implementing professional development.

  1. Great list for many things. the backwards planning and developing a PLN seem like a great place to start.

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